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Yet another boring day in class

  1. Reaching towards the shining jewel in front of your eyes with utmost grit and ambition, nothing/no one can stop you, you’re about to congratulate yourself on achieving this brilliant feat, when there comes the hand out of nowhere -”gotcha” and you shrink back in horror.
  2. She is taking out her mirror to put on some “oh-so-red” lipstick and your desperate attempts to wake up the person sitting next to you from her blissful sleep (as quietly as possible,or so you think) are finally successful and she joins you in the snickering, until you realize that the mirror is now reflecting the two of you and you are subjected to a cold, icy stare.
  3. You want to play peek-a-boo with your classmate but end up throwing a punch at your HOD.
  4. You got to relive your childhood again- crawling into AMG class 2 minutes before the class (ended) while the front benchers who had made it right on time or even before are hoping against hope that you will get caught.
  5. You remind your extremely lazy groupmates that they are going to suffer the consequences of their actions or rather “inactions” by getting paired with “NUMBER 37″ for the dreaded upcoming end sem exam and you say it with all vengeance ( for the added effect)  no one reacts and you realise, to your bad luck, this was the one time he decided to show up , and suddenly you don’t feel so smug anymore.
  6. You spend all your precious time and energy sieving 10kgs of coarse aggregate and the guy who is otherwise perpetually asleep decides, this ONE TIME, that he would be doing you a huge favour by throwing it away.
  7. Then there was that time you were feeling claustrophobic in the lab and you managed to find a spot where there weren’t as many people around and you took a deep breath, you inhaaaaleed..too late.. No. 26 has landed right next to you, out of the blue..
  8. “That is a very dirty trick.”«elbow twisted to dislocation to peek at watch» . Glo next to me, busy texting, almost mumbles a sorry and then I tell her that the comment was not aimed at her.
  9. “You bring sexy back” – Pooja’s theory about the 15cm scale not being sufficient to measure the depth of the salwar kameez proves right, it turns out to be a whopping, frikkin “18cm”. “Shit man”.
  10. Student complains that the experimental set up in the  physics lab is faulty and he can’t find “Newtons rings”. Prof, after taking the pain of standing on a stool and inspecting it “How about turning the light on genius?”
  11. Another one from the physics lab:
    Professor in a foul mood talking to a student who doesn’t seem the least bit interested in the air wedge experiment
    -“Can you see the strip of paper in between the two glass slabs?”
    Student thinking to himself, “that must be a trick question” musters all his confidence and “No”.
    All hell breaks loose. Everyone ends up with a 3 on 10 for the report.
  12. “Who stole my umbrella?”  – we “hahahaha”
    “Who stole the attendance register?” – we “seriously?””
    “Who stole my pen?” * holding back tears*  ”My dad gave it to me.”
    Promptly returned.
  13. Always carry tissue paper to your physics exam, comes in handy.Trust me.
  14. “What is the probability of…..?” “Anyone knows the answer? Nidhiji,Poojaji, Chryslji…”(with the sleazy nasal twang) followed by the dreaded “See me in my chamber” !!!
  15. “I don’t have a bath coz it’s a waste of time, I could study instead.”
    Us gawking, “something needs to be done”.
    Solution- an anonymous letter stating the importance of personal hygiene and the precedence it should take over academic excellence, typed from CCC, no fingerprints involved( I am exaggerating now)-stealthily creeping around the GB way past midnight and sliding it under the door. Mission accomplished , after a year or so though. Anyway, duration doesn’t matter,results do.
  16. Overheard, heated argument between forever angry young man and diligent student with fractured hand -”Main tere pate me chaaku gusa dunga.”  which translates to “I will stab you in your stomach with a knife” . The object of contention-” a (coveted??) place in the EG class”.
    Civil warriors and mining rocks-taking it too seriously are we?
  17. Varija’s golden rule-” Thou shall never talk to a person of the opposite gender -Never, ever. Defy me and your grades ain’t gonna be pretty”
  18.  After taking great pains to set the fungus-ridden dumpy level straight under the burning sun, with one of your groupmates plopping himself comfortably on the instrument box under a tree, the other one comes along after her conversation on the pretty pink phone and stumbles on the tripod only to make the work you did in the last twenty minutes go down the drain,literally, while the only remaining groupmate seems to religiously follow Varija’s rule even when she’s not around. (You never know when she’s watching??!!).
  19. Some lessons learnt right from day one – “the crawlies are not the only creepies” :/
  20. Awkward silence – when you tell the person seated next to you that you find it hilarious how quite a number of juniors are enthusiastically participating in the most mindless event  and he replies with a ” I won it last year.”

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