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So I’ve moved into my new house, unpacked and settled in – but something’s missing. Oh yeah, it isn’t supposed to be a house – it should be a HOME. I pull out a bunch of photographs- pictures of family and friends from the envelope that I had slid into my bag before leaving and I put them up on my bedroom wall. There you go, I am feeling the love already 🙂 It’s amazing how those glossy prints etched with precious memories, frozen in time, can never fail to bring a smile on my face.

This post is about some of my views on photography. I am not a professional photographer nor do I pursue photography as a hobby, but when I am in possession of a camera, I transform into this click-happy maniac whom you could maybe call a shutterbug 😛
Okay, back to my post on photographs and photography- I am going to go trigger-happy now and use ’em bullets.

  • In the year 2004 was born the juggernaut that marked the beginning of a new era in photography. Like the wind  it came and swept far and wide, trapping every other person along the way, drawing them into this net that catapulted them into a virtual world. No prizes for guessing – it is FACEBOOK! When formed originally, it provided a perfect way to share pictures – you could upload them in a jiffy and make them visible to your friends or even just a select few people. However, recently, with the default settings for profile pictures being ‘public’, the concept of privacy seems to have gone out the window and most people couldn’t seem to care less about that. And what’s up with the recent ‘promote’ option??  It’s just taking narcissism to the next level!
  • Facebook is also responsible for a vast improvement in technique, style and quality of photographs. People don’t want to just take pictures now, they want to take good pictures- which is great. It also serves as a platform for amateur and budding photographers to get recognition for their talent and come into contact with the right people. Professional photographers find it very profitable to create facebook pages for themselves.
  • There’s no place for constancy in today’s world. Everyone wants change. This one person on my fb friend list likes change so much, that she used to change her profile picture almost every single day! There are some people who are content with having the same profile picture for a long time, but a few of their friends don’t seem to feel the same  way and promptly come up with a ” Change your profile picture. I am tired of looking at the same one for ages” or something along those lines. Speaking about profile pictures, have you noticed how you have started thinking in terms of them. The moment someone gets their camera out, there’s this thought that runs through your mind ‘ I might just find my new profile picture today.’ Oh yeah and I’ve been timelined, it was imposed on me – the hunt for a cover pic is on.
  • I love happy pictures – don’t we all. Laughter is definitely infectious -just looking at a picture of your pals laughing and having  a really good time makes you feel so cheery too. What I don’t understand is pouts and puffed-up cheeks – but considering how popular the poses are, I am guessing there must be a target audience out there, somewhere. To each their own.
  • I recommend that you should smile in photographs – whether your teeth are white,black, yellow, chequered, spotted, golden, silver or even red. You might think I am exaggerating when I say ‘red teeth’ , but no, I am not. There was this one time, this auto driver in Delhi quoted an unreasonably high fare price, which I realized only later as I was too busy wondering how anyone could manage to have all their front teeth perfectly red – or maybe it was maroon. Obviously, he was a frequent paan consumer. Paan ( a preparation of the betel leaf with areca nut and tobacco) is very popular among some sections of people in India. Personally, I cannot stand the sight of it. Once you eat it, the paan leaves this deep red stain in your mouth and on the  roads as some people possess this disgustingly filthy habit of spitting wherever they want. Man, I’ve digressed from my original post, you can see why I am so passionate that an ‘anti-spit’ policy be brought into effect at the earliest.
  • Candid pictures –  priceless – they capture the subjects in their essence.
  • Timing- It’s all about timing. Check out the following link, you’ve got to hand it to the photographer for his incredible timing.
  • Just having a fancy camera doesn’t necessarily make your pictures the best. I think that ordinary cameras too can produce great pictures. The 2 MP camera of  my Nokia  N70  managed to get way better pictures of the NITK beach than my 12 MP camera – it all depends on the moment that you capture a picture.

A picture taken on my Nokia N70

  • I am a sucker for light photography that is well done.
  • Although I like pictures to be in their natural form, I appreciate people who can play with effects and come up with stunners. Please note that I am not talking about Picasa edits here.
  • SLRs –
    But you can’t take away all the credit from these cameras. If you’re this guy in the party sitting all by himself, far away from this bunch of uber hot girls, bury those pick-up lines you were planning to spout and whip out your SLR – you are the new Mr. Popular (Just make sure you get good pictures – they say it’s a long way to the top but the fall back down is quick, like superquick). It worked for a friend of mine -all the time.
  • In my opinion if there is one subject that almost no photographer can do justice to , it is nature.
  • If you take good photographs, share it. There was this person I know who never showed anyone the photographs he took because he thought they were gorgeous pictures and according to him, nobody else had a right to use them. In that case, the best solution would be to copyright your pictures and share them with other people. After all, beauty is meant for everyone to appreciate. Talking about copyrights, don’t let them be so huge as to cover one-third of the picture. One of my classmates would copyright his pictures with his name sprawled across a generous portion of the photograph, which covered the faces of all the unfortunate people in the bottom row and left us without any good class picture *sigh*
  • What I wouldn’t give to snap a picture of funny sign boards ! 😀

Lost in translation – Swimming(in the lake omitted) is dangerous??? !!!!

  • There is a certain threshold above which you can take being photographed no more.
  • My friend Ji loves taking group pictures. After what seemed like the umpteenth photograph that day(and after having crossed my threshold), he was forbidden to take anymore ‘group photographs’ – but his response to my ‘request’ (read order) was something that touched me and I’ll never forget it -” You only live once. These memories you have with these people can never be recreated, but they can definitely be relived through these pictures. Today, these photographs will just go into your folder containing scores of pictures and you may not care to glance at them. Then one day, when you decide to look at your old photographs, you’ll be happy to have so many pictures of all those good times and great people”. From then on it was ” group photos, bring it on” 🙂 That’s going to make it one huge folder now!

“So take the photographs and still frames in your mind
Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time” – Darn, I am going to be singing that song throughout work tomorrow.

Here are some of my favourite pictures. I hope you like them too 🙂

One of my favourite photographs – taken at Bratislava

I love the greenery -Chikmaglur, India

Fall-at Krakow

Sita falls(India) in all its glory -photo taken by a friend

Another dramatic statue picture 😛

If you have some views on photographs/photography or links to good pictures, feel free to use the comment box. 🙂


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