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Know your architectural styles- Gothic

The easiest to differentiate among all the architectural styles, Gothic architecture manifests itself in grandiose churches and imposing castles across the length and breadth of Europe. This is the second in the series of my ‘know your architectural styles’ posts. The Gothic style of architecture followed the Romanesque style, but was vastly different from its predecessor.

We tend to associate the word Gothic with something dark because of the mistaken assumption of its relation to the Goth culture and subculture. But in reality, the origin of Gothic architecture has nothing to do with the Goths. Gothic structures were designed with two principal aims- to reach the maximum possible height and to maximize the amount of light in the interior.



Due to the features mentioned above, the walls of Gothic churches were equipped to handle openings of large dimensions.  Their interiors are thus bright and airy, as opposed to the dark and dreary structures that were built previously. The windows of Gothic structures typically have an interlacing stone framework that forms a support system for the glass. This decorative pattern is called the tracery.

gothic windows

A feature that I find fascinating in Gothic churches is the use of gargoyles.



To conclude the post, I have attached a picture of some of the beautiful Gothic structures that I have visited.




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