chrispy thoughts

-the world as I see it

November Rain

7 A.M. – my alarm wakes me up from a deep slumber,

I leave the warmth of my sheets, still in a state of torpor

Which starts to wear off when my ears pick up a familiar sound-

That dratted hum of rain falling on the ground.

I roll up the shutters to let in some light

Darn! The sky outside is all but bright.

Pitter-patter pitter- patter…

Talk about a mood-damper!

I flop back on my bed,

Pulling the comforter up over my head.

Gloomy grey skies and incessant rain-

Sigh! It’s that time of the year again.

Winters here are not very cheery

They are cold and rainy, dull and dreary.

The soaked shoes and drenched clothes

Yeesh! I’d rather be under house arrest, wallowing in my woes.

One might point out that to complain about the rain I have no reason,

Since I grew up in the subtropics where it rains for an entire season.

“That’s different” I reply,” There rain truly is nature’s boon”

A welcome respite from the heat, who can grumble about the monsoon?

Lying in bed, I reminisce about those rainy days when I was a little girlie,

Reading a book, sipping a cup of steaming hot chai and eating onion bajji

There’s nothing like keeping warm with mama’s cuddles

After a day of splashing about and jumping in puddles.

An hour passes and I can hear the church bells chime

Uh-oh! I’d better hurry if I want to get to University on time.

Twenty minutes later I am out on the porch,

Planning my moves through the maze of water pools, doing a hopskotch.

The trees along the street are already bare,

Passers-by are dressed in dull-coloured winter wear.

I dislike how the sky, the road, the buildings- almost everything along the way

is painted in shades of grey.

That’s when I spot the glistening diamonds on the blades of grass,

I take a closer look, they are dew-drops that look like beads of glass.

I feel like my kid self again and I can’t help but smile

After all, true happiness comes from appreciating the small things in life.









P.S: I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I am a sucker for rhymes but not too great at poetry. All the same, hope you liked it 🙂
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