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Know your architectural styles- Baroque

When I first started my blog, I promised myself that I would try to write at least one, if not two, posts a month. Well, I broke that promise this year.What can I say? Inertia got the better of me.

It was only last week, when I received a comment from a reader complimenting me on my simplified, far from flowery descriptions of the different architectural styles in a set of blog posts that I had published over a year ago, that I realized I hadn’t finished what I had started. So, here is the last post in my “Know your architectural styles” series.

The Baroque style of architecture is the most recent among the four classical styles of architecture and the most enchanting, with its use of optical illusions and trompe l’oeil ( a fancy French word for works of art that deceive you into thinking that they are real).

Trompe- l'oeil

Baroque - Copy

The interior space of the buildings is generally curviform and ornate.

Baroque examples

In the picture below, you see the Clerigos tower- the iconic landmark that defines the skyline of Porto. It is a part of one of the most famous Baroque churches in Portugal.

The Clerigos Tower, Porto

The Clerigos Tower, Porto

So, that is a brief overview of what Baroque architecture is all about. I couldn’t delve into the details of each of its sub-periods as those would make for entire blog posts by themselves. If you really want to understand Baroque architecture, Rome is THE place to be. Unfortunately, I only got to spend three hours in Rome, during which, I managed to capture just one picture of a Baroque church.

San Marcello, Rome

I hope that you have found this journey from the simple, squat and solid Romanesque buildings, through the soaring and intricate Gothic structures, followed by the reawakening of classicism in the Renaissance period and ending with the highly embellished Baroque style, an interesting and informative one.


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