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Snowball fight!

2015 was not a very great year in blogging for me – I wrote just 2 posts across 12 whole months, as opposed to my average of 2 posts per month that I used to publish in the previous years. I have been busy with my thesis work, but that really isn’t an excuse, because it’s not like I work 24×7. It’s just that I have been spending my free time watching TV series, reading, catching up with friends and attending weddings! If you look at my Facebook photos in the past two years, you would think I am a professional wedding attendee 😀

Let’s hope 2016 is not a slacker year on the blogging front. I miss writing. I don’t maintain a diary, so this is the only kind of record that I have of the fun things that I do and the places that I travel to. Winter, in the part of Portugal where I live, is not the most pleasant season, as you would have gathered from some of my previous posts. There are long periods of damp, dreary and drizzly days with just sporadic hints of sunshine. It gets really cold but the drop in mercury isn’t enough for it to snow. What a bummer! I had witnessed my first and only snowy winter in Prague – that city whose ethereal beauty is only enhanced by dollops of cottony snowballs and wispy white snowflakes. Oh, how I miss you, Prague!



The skyline of Prague with a hint of snow on the roofs (photo taken by a friend)

Last weekend, there was quite a steep drop in temperature, and we were all ready to go into hibernation for the weekend, when a friend of mine suggested that we go find ourselves some snow. After all, there’s no better mood lifter in winter than a snowball fight. Of course, sipping mulled wine in front of a fireplace while eating apple pie and reading a book would come a close second, an extremely close second. 😀

So we drove to the Trás-os-Montes region, which is about ninety minutes away and the closest area where you can expect to see snow. The plan was to go to Lamas de Olo, a scenic village perched in the mountains, with schist houses and culm-coated roofs. Unfortunately, we started our trip a little too late in the day and couldn’t make it until there as we didn’t want to drive back in the dark on icy roads.

We ended up just driving till a place where the snow was a few inches thick, had an amazing snowball fight, which lasted all of about fifteen minutes, but was totally worth it. The drive back was an adventure in itself as the sun had already set and the mountain roads weren’t well lit, and the thick fog in the area wasn’t doing anything to improve the visibility. So we came at a snail’s pace and took a good 2.5 hours to reach, exhausted but happy. 

Here are some snapshots of our search for snow. Portugal really is a beautiful country, isn’t it?



Snow, at last!


Get your ammo ready and attack – this picture perfectly sums up the fun we had that day 🙂



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